Trips 23-24 » Quassy Park

Quassy Park

On a sunny day filled with excitement and laughter, 6th and 7th grade MS343 students experienced Quassy Park, a historic amusement park known for its thrilling rides and family-friendly atmosphere. The trip provided a perfect blend of adventure, fun, and learning outside the classroom, creating lasting memories for everyone involved.

For those seeking a bit of thrill, the Wooden Warrior Roller Coaster did not disappoint. With its sharp drops and fast turns, the coaster had students and chaperones alike screaming in exhilaration. Another highlight was the Galleon Pirate Ship ride. Students eagerly climbed aboard the massive swinging ship, which soared high into the sky before plunging back down, giving everyone a stomach-flipping thrill. The ride provided both excitement and fantastic views of the park from its highest points.

The Free Fall 'N' Drop Tower was another crowd-pleaser. This ride lifted students slowly into the air, offering a brief moment to take in the surroundings before dropping them suddenly, resulting in laughter and shouts of surprise. The feeling of weightlessness during the drop was a unique experience that many students described as the highlight of their day.

The trip to Quassy Park was more than just a day of fun—it was an opportunity for students to connect with their peers in a new environment, challenge themselves on exciting rides, and create memories that will last a lifetime. The teachers and chaperones from MS343 were delighted to see the students' joy and enthusiasm, noting how such experiences enrich the educational journey. This unforgettable trip to Quassy Park was a testament to the value of field trips in providing enriching, real-world experiences that complement classroom learning.