Trips 23-24 » Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group

In a twist that left students at MS343 in stitches, a trip to see the Blue Man Group turned into a once-in-a-lifetime moment for the school's beloved teacher, Mx. D.


During the mesmerizing performance by the iconic blue trio, Mx. D found themselves unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight when they were pulled up on stage. Little did they know, their night was about to take a colorful turn.


As the Blue Men worked their magic with paint and percussion, the audience watched in anticipation as Mx. D became the latest recruit for the group's unconventional antics. Covered in vibrant blue paint, Mx. D embraced the unexpected role with gusto, proving that teaching Targeted Instruction isn't their only talent.


The spectacle left both students and teachers roaring with laughter, with many snapping photos and videos to capture the unforgettable moment. For Mx. D's students, it was a chance to see their teacher in a whole new light, quite literally!

Reflecting on the experience, Mx. D shared, "It was surreal! Who knew my teaching skills would lead to a drumming gig with the Blue Man Group? Maybe I'll incorporate some rhythm into our next T.I. lesson."


As news of the unexpected encore spreads throughout the school, anticipation builds for what other surprises await in the classroom. One thing's for sure: at MS343, learning is anything but ordinary.


Stay tuned for more adventures with Mx. D and their colorful escapades - because when it comes to education, there's always room for a little bit of blue!