Trips 23-24 » Club Getaway

Club Getaway

Our extraordinary 8th graders recently enjoyed an unforgettable trip to Club Getaway, where they showcased their incredible teamwork and adventurous spirit. The students tackled team-building challenges, ropes courses, and high swings, all while having an absolute blast.

In addition to the thrilling activities, there was plenty of downtime for the students to relax and reminisce about the last three amazing years spent with their teachers, friends, and our beloved administration. The highlight? Watching the administration embrace their playful side and look delightfully goofy on the zip line!

This trip was a perfect way to celebrate the journey of this remarkable 8th grade class at MS343. Their teachers and administration are incredibly proud of them and will miss them dearly as they move on to the next chapter in their lives.

It was a trip filled with laughter, memories, and a sense of unity that will be cherished forever. These students have made a lasting impact on our school community, and we know they will continue to achieve great things in the future.