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Purlie Victorious

In an exciting new opportunity, MS343 had the distinct honor of being the first school ever to participate in an exclusive understudy rehearsal at the prestigious Music Box theater on Broadway. This special opportunity came to fruition through our long-standing partnership with Situation Project and amazing new connection, the Shubert Organization.
A total of 28 students, all currently enrolled in regents/high school level classes, had the privilege of witnessing the inner workings of Purlie Victorious. During this unique experience, our students were able to observe the actors as they rehearsed the opening scene of the show, received feedback from the stage manager, and refined their performances. This firsthand exposure provided valuable insights into the dedication and resilience required in the world of theater.
Beyond the rehearsals, our students had the chance to engage with the stage manager and the actors themselves. Some even had the opportunity to collect autographs and photographs with the talented cast, creating lasting memories. To enrich the experience, every student received a complimentary copy of the play's script, allowing them to delve deeper into the art of storytelling. This memorable event perfectly aligns with MS343's mission statement, emphasizing the importance of exposure and experiences to prepare students for success in society.
We are so excited for our students and extend our gratitude to Situation Project and the Shubert Organization for making this enriching experience possible. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities as we continue to foster the aspirations and interests of our incredible students.