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Graduation 2024

MS343 8th Grade Graduation: A Celebration of Achievement and Excellence

The 8th grade graduation at MS343 was a memorable and joyous event, celebrating the remarkable achievements of our students as they move on to high school. The ceremony was a testament to the hard work, dedication, and community spirit that define our school.

This year’s salutatorian was Kamila De Biagi, and the valedictorian was Isabela Hatch—two outstanding students who have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership throughout their time at MS343. Notably, Kamila and Isabela follow in the footsteps of their siblings, who were also scholars during their time at MS343, underscoring a family tradition of academic excellence.

In their heartfelt speeches, Kamila and Isabela reflected on their journey from the wide-eyed 6th graders they were when they joined the MS343 family. They spoke about the challenges they faced along the way and the teachers and coaches who provided unwavering support and guidance. They also shared the invaluable lessons they've learned, which they will carry with them into the next chapter of their academic and personal lives.

Mr. Gassetto and Dr. Callahan delivered inspiring speeches that motivated the graduates to pursue their dreams with passion and resilience. Their words resonated deeply with students, parents, and staff, reinforcing the values of perseverance and commitment to education.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was the recognition of nine students who achieved perfect attendance for all three years of middle school. These students were awarded medals, celebrating their dedication and consistency.

Additionally, students who excelled in their Regents exams and those on the Principal’s List stood proudly to be recognized for their academic achievements. Their hard work and determination have set a high standard for their peers and have made the entire MS343 community proud.

The MS343 8th grade graduation was not just a celebration of academic success, but also a celebration of the strong bonds formed within our school community. As our graduates embark on their new journey into high school, we are confident they will continue to achieve great things and make a positive impact wherever they go.