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2023 Prom

The MS343 Prom is always the event of the year, and this year was no exception. After showing off their finery on the red carpet, the seniors enjoyed striking a pose at several photo ops. They took a break from dancing to enjoy a scrumptious dinner and open Ms. Ott's amazing gift bags of goodies.
But perhaps the most exciting part of the evening came when a giant transformer crashed the party and challenged the entire 8th grade to a dance off. Our students rose to the challenge and gave him the battle of a lifetime. Frustrated by our students' talent, the 9 foot robot blasted the crowd with foam - but much to his surprise, this only got the party started in earnest. From flossing to break dancing, our students showed Decepticon that MS343 knows how to dance.
Gracious in defeat, the transformer posed for selfies and changed lightbulbs.