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West African Drumming Performance

In a moving performance last Thursday at Aaron Davis Hall, City College of New York, 11 students from MS 343 paid tribute to their late mentor, Mr. Love, through a West African drumming display. Mr. Love, who recently passed away, had not only composed the rhythmic piece but had also shared it with these talented students.

In honor of their departed teacher, the students, under the guidance of their new instructor, Mr. Iye, presented a heartfelt performance that resonated with the spirit of Mr. Love's teachings. The transition between mentors symbolized the continuation of a musical legacy and showcased the students' dedication to their craft.

Met with a standing ovation, the performance not only showcased the students' musical skills but also highlighted the impact Mr. Love had on their artistic journey. Hosted by Opus Dance Theatre & Community, the event brought together diverse performances from 5-8 schools, with MS 343's tribute standing out as a powerful example of the enduring influence of dedicated mentors.