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Hazel Hill Is Going To Win This One

As part of an initiative to increase dialogue between classrooms, foster inclusivity, and expose students to diverse voices, MS343 selected a school-wide novel for students to read and discuss during small group. The book, Hazel Hill is Going to Win This One, is a funny, feminist, and queer contemporary middle grade debut that follows twelve-year-old loner Hazel Hill, who, after one of her classmates is harassed online, devises a plan to catch the school’s golden boy in the act.


Following the school-wide reading, this week, MS343 welcomed author Maggie Horne to speak about her work to the whole school, and then to meet with a select group of students for a lively discussion and book-signing.


MS343 student photographer Aleise Borrero and Targeted Instruction teacher Mx. Demacopoulos were there to capture the event. 

Thank you to all who participated, and an extra special thank you to Ms. Horne for traveling all the way from Ottawa, Ontario to share her beautiful work with our community!