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MS343 Alumni Give Back!

In partnership with University Heights High School, every week MS343 welcomes two of our favorite alumni, Alonzo Monsanto and Arlyn Chavez, as interns to help support students in the classroom. The two interns have been invaluable resources in Ms. Goddard's class this year; they do everything from reviewing the Do Now, to redirecting students, to facilitating small groups...even making last minute copies.
Of their contribution, Ms. Goddard shares that, "Having worked with these students since they were in 6th grade, we knew that they would be leaders, but it has been incredible to see that firsthand. Arlyn and Alonzo seeking out a way to contribute to the community that shaped them is the kind of work that changes the world. And they are so good at it! It's like having co-teachers in the classroom. The effect on our current students has been enormous."
Thank you for all of your support, Arlyn and Alonzo! We can't wait to see what you do next!