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Our Impact

MS343 is a small school committed to providing a meaningful learning experience, focusing on technology, to prepare students for the 21st century.
Our approach utilizes distributive practice, interweaving of key concepts, and frequent assessment to give students multiple opportunities to master skills and standards with plenty of feedback. This helps students commit their learning to long term memory and results in real, lasting growth.
Our results speak for themselves; students at MS343 outperform their peers at neighboring schools year after year. 
Our students enter a learning environment of high expectations, and we work to offer every student the tools and resources to succeed. As a result, year after year, our students rise to the challenge and do just that. The graphs below demonstrate this. Each year our matriculated classes come in with lower scores, but with their hard work and the support of faculty and peers in a rigorous environment, they grow dramatically. 
 Students work in a classroom