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At MS343, we offer students as many opportunities as possible to experience what the city has to offer. We have partnered with Situation Project and local community members to offer students a variety of cultural experiences.

Situation Project students from MS 343 get a first hand look at what it takes to put on a Broadway show with the help of the cast and crew from The Play That Goes Wrong.



Every year, we invite members of the community to share their talents and stories with our students. We have hosted a diverse group of presenters - from a former alumnus, now an artist and Tiktok star, to a venture capitalist, to a search and rescue EMT, to a forensic scientist - our students enjoy learning the path to many exciting careers.


Every year, students in all three grades face off against their peers to be crowned MS343 spelling bee champion. This year, our top three spellers then represented us at the Bronx Spelling Bee, where, out of 50 students, they placed 1st, 3rd and 4th place! All three participated in the Citywide Spelling Bee and our top speller, Adrina, placed 10th in the entire city at the event hosted by the Academy of St. Joseph's! 
 Adrina at the city wide spelling bee!


MS343 students get to choose from several arts programs both in and outside of the school day. 
Hear what our students have to say about how the MS343 arts programs set them up for success.